Online gambling has seen a phenomenal growth in the past couple of decades. The number of players, operators, authorities, software companies and even gambling forums and audit agencies has increased. This growth has brought lots of money into this industry and the online casinos alone have online giving poker been able to generate revenues in billions of US dollars. These online casinos and other gambling sites are very prominent in United States, United Kingdom, other European nations and some parts of Asia, but this is not expected to remain the same in coming years.

It is expected that online gambling will witness great growth in many regions of the world and penetrate those parts, which are still to be explored. Maximum growth is expected to be seen in the African nations, as they have only a share of around 1% in the global online gambling revenues. Green roulette operators are now focusing on developing this market and explore their possibilities. It is expected that online gambling will attain a growth rate of approx 92% to 93% in the African nations in the coming few years. The second highest growth rate is expected in the Central and Southern American regions. The growth is expected to be Roulette land mark around 35% in this area. This is to be followed by European nations, which already constitute 44% to 45% of the total online gambling market. This growth is anticipated as European Union is pushing hard the legalization and regulation of online gambling in the member states. So, as more and more of European countries are expected to open their markets bet roulette for online operators, the area would witness a growth in online gambling of approximately 20 to 21 percent. Oceania, Asia and North American regions are also expected to witness growth in online gambling at the rate of 14%, 9% and 4% respectively.